Dalton Highway

Dalton Highway

The Dalton Highway is considered the most dangerous road in the USA.
Be prepared if you plan to drive the road, which is 90% gravel and often covered in ice or ankle-deep mud. There's pretty much nothing the Dalton Highway doesn't come warned about: potholes, falling rocks, deer crossings, sudden winds, dangerous animals, tight corners and more. What so self-confidently calls itself a highway is a largely unpaved road, away from any human settlement and often only used by daredevil truckers:

The Dalton Highway in northern Alaska is legendary and I really wanted to drive it.
Three quarters of the 666 kilometers, the number makes you suspicious, are beyond the Arctic Circle. The highway was built in the 1970s as a maintenance road for the huge Trans-Alaska Pipeline and was named after an engineer. There are only two places on the way: Coldfoot - (also this name - is no coincidence), has 10, Wiseman 14 inhabitants. Not 14,000, just 14 (I stayed here on the way there and back).

Then it's almost 400 kilometers to Deadhorse on the Arctic Sea, nothing but a grandiose landscape and many animals and, as in my case, many forest fires. The life-threatening and intensive use of the firefighters is remarkable. On the way back, the smoke reaches as far as Valdez, which is 600 miles away.
The Dalton Highway was definitely a special experience that I wouldn't want to miss.

Kinross Fort Knox


Wiseman Creek

mit Nolan Creek Lake

Coldfeet - Wiseman


Chatanika River


Öl Bohrtürme




das alte Ortsschild





Die Helden Alaskas



Koyukuk River

im Hintergrund ein großer Waldbrand

Yucon River

im Rauch des Waldbrandes