Katmai Nationalpark

Eye level with the bears

was allowed to accompany the well-known bear researcher David Bittner for 8 days on his expedition to the Katmai National Park with the wolf expert and guide Buck Wild. It was a unique adventure that was all about one thing: bear watching!

We spent exciting days in one of the most spectacular, remote and unspoilt areas of Southwest Alaska and had ample time to observe, photograph and admire the majestic brown bears up close.

Grizzly bears

Weight: 270 kg (male, domestic population), 130 – 200 kg (female, adult)
Length: 2m (adult)
Height: 1m (adult, shoulder height)
Speed: 56 km/h (Maximum, Running)
Scientific name: Ursus arctos horribilis Hibernation: 152 – 213 days
Life Expectancy: 20 – 25 years (In the wild)

The bear and I