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nton Klocker

After numerous years working as a photographer for various international companies, I have decided to devote myself fully to my secret passion in my retirement: landscape, animal and portrait photography. My journey began in Svalbard and took me through Iceland, Greenland, the Northwest Passage and Alaska, all the way to Antarctica. During the first part of the trip I was accompanied by my son Daniel, who contributed some of the pictures from Spitsbergen, as well as my Australian friend Kim Cannon, who, as one of the best travel photographers in the world, enabled me to take the ship to the most remote and beautiful places on the island to explore the far north as far as Antarctica. On this homepage I would like to present to you, dear visitors, the wonders and beauties of this extraordinary journey.


Travel photography tips

Capture beauty digitally

Being out in nature early in the morning with your camera inspires the soul

the animals
in the wild

Perseverance, patience and respect for wild animals is a basic requirement for good pictures


Dealing with foreign cultures and customs respectfully and not imposing yourself

The special

design with light and shadow

keep Calm

In unusual places, stay calm and pay attention to your own safety


Antarctica is the coldest, driest and stormiest of all continents. Fascinating and indescribably beautiful.



Greenland Expedition


My book project

from the Arctic to Antarctica

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